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Friendly help:

Call 512-232-3838 or email

Standard Apple Products:

Apple computers with standard configurations, iPods and Apple accessories are stocking items and we offer them at the same or lower price than Apple Education.

You will find these by either selecting 'Apple Products and Accessories' in the 'Shop By Category' menu or by using the keyword search at the top of the screen and enter keywords like 'MacBook' or 'Ipad'.

Customized Apple Products:

Method 1: If you already have an Apple Store Proposal and Apple's email titled 'Proposal [proposal number]' then forward the email along with a purchase order to

Method 2: If you do not have the email titled 'Proposal [proposal number]' then you need to (1) create an Apple Store Proposal at the Go to the UT Apple Store. following the instructions below and (2) receive the Proposal email from Apple. Then, click Apple Store Proposal on the top menu of this page to paste the proposal into your order.

Please do not close this window so that you can view these instructions while you are in the UT Apple Store.

  • When you are in Apple Store: select, customize, and add the products to the cart; then click 'Send Proposal' (in blue text under the green Continue button)
  • Add in the 'Purchasing Agent's Email Address' field above your e-mail address when you fill out the Proposal information form.
  • Click 'Continue'
  • When you see 'Summary for Proposal #..' , close Apple's online store

Within minutes, Apple will send you an email titled 'Proposal [proposal number]' forward the email along with a purchase order to

Issue the PO to vendor ID 17603850029010, HI-ED Inc DBA Campus Computer Store to receive HUB credit on your purchase.

To get to the UT Apple Store and create a proposal following the above instructions, click Go to the UT Apple Store.